The Seniors’ Guide to Downsizing

Posted: August 27, 2020 in Helpful Tips

Article by Andrea Needham |

Photograph of a country farmhouse surrounded by colorful trees and shrubs.
Photo credit: Pixabay

Retirement is an opportunity to reimagine your life. It’s a whole new stage, defined by the freedom to spend your days the way you want. Downsizing is an excellent way to bookmark this new phase. Not only does it allow you to choose a living space designed to age gracefully alongside you, but it also means you can suit your home to your ideal retirement.

Picking Your Home
When you picture your perfect retirement, where are you?

● Looking at your budget to learn what you can spend on a new home.
● Investigate local retirement communities and assisted living facilities — you may be surprised by what you find.
● Prioritize accessibility in a home; senior-friendly features will serve you well for years.
● As a trusted loved one to help you look through your options.

Here’s a look at how to pick the perfect place to live your golden years, as well as what to do with the excess stuff you don’t want to bring along.

Downsizing Your Stuff
Time to let go of at least one of those blenders.

●Go through your stuff and get rid of any duplicate, broken, or obsolete items.
Donate any clothes you haven’t worn in years.
● Learn how to let go of sentimental items, and keep only your favorites.
● If you need more time deciding what to keep, contact VIP Storage for secure and affordable storage items.

Settling In
Here’s how to make your new house home:

Hire movers to do the heavy lifting—an injury is no way to christen a home.
● Mark boxes with essential items so you know what to unpack first.
● Make decor your second priority. You can make a long, luxurious task out of organizing—once the paintings are up, you’re home.

Moving for retirement gives you the power to decide exactly what this stage of life will look and feel like. There are few better opportunities for reinvention and growth. Make the most of it, and create an environment where you can thrive.

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