Self storage insurance


SafeStor, Self-storage insurance

Why would I get SafeStor insurance?

Safestor GuardianUnforeseen and unexpected losses can happen as the result of natural disasters, weather, fire, and other events beyond anyone’s control. Insuring your stored goods for such losses is your responsibility. Your self-storage facility is not responsible and does not insure your stored possessions.

For that reason, we offer Safestor: an inexpensive, optional protection plan tailor made to safeguard your stored goods.


Protecting your goods in storage is your responsibility. Make sure you’re protected.

What does SafeStor cost?

There are four choices of Safestor coverage that we offer to our storage customers.

Coverage Amount Monthly Premium
INSURANCE $1,000 $7.95
INSURANCE $5,000 $10.95
INSURANCE $10,000 $20.95
INSURANCE $15,000 $35.95

This means that for as little as .27 cents a day you can have the peace of mind that your stored goods are protected. Safestor Insurance is the best protection product of its kind in the market today.

What’s covered by SafeStor insurance?

You are covered for property losses due to fire, hurricane, tornado, wind, earthquake, smoke, lightning, hail, vandalism, building collapse, leaking water, burglary, and explosion.  Repwest Insurance Company, the longest continuous provider of insurance to the self-storage industry, underwrites SafeStor in most of the United States, with the exception of Florida where it is underwritten by National Union Fire Insurance Company. For more information on Repwest or National Union Fire Insurance Company call 1-800-528-7134 or go to or email